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Do you thrive in a dynamic environment? Do you like challenges? Do you believe work and fun are not mutually exclusive?

Then maybe, you’re the one we’re looking for. We need team players who are smart and creative, who love IT assurance and who want to grow with a growing company: who are as comfortable talking with senior management about Information Security Management Systems and attestation strategies as they are with a developer or sysadmin about TLSv1.2.

At B. W. MURRAY & CO., we’re not necessarily looking for certifications and years of expertise. We are willing to train the right person. We’re looking for candidates who are highly intelligent, eager to learn, and cut from the finest moral fiber. While we are less concerned with skills and qualifications we will not compromise on your ability to deliver superior results.

About the company.

  • We’re a small but growing company, so we do our best to keep the right people. (Most of our team has been together since 2018 or earlier!)
  • A high-performance work environment with extremely passionate, driven and experienced technical professionals. At B. W. MURRAY & CO. you will find colleagues you can respect and learn from.
  • A management system where all employees participate in establishing the company’s goals/initiatives and have ready visibility into the company’s performance. We’re working hard to create processes and metrics to measure our (and your) success.
  • An environment where relationships are important, internally and externally. We provide the highest levels of customer service and strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • A competitive salary (more than most) with benefits.
  • Providing individuals the opportunity to develop by giving them the resources required, surrounding them with great colleagues, and allowing them to take on new/big challenges.

Do you share our core values?

  • Tell The Truth – Honesty is almost always the best policy
  • Do the Right Thing – Work hard, keep commitments, be responsible and worthy of freedom, understand shared accountability
  • Smile – Life is too short not to … likability is nearly as important as competence
  • Seek “Win-Win” – Think cooperative, not competitive – seek mutual benefit in all interactions
  • Provide Clear and Actionable Guidance – Every situation is unique: listen, understand, express a clear opinion, and impart knowledge
  • Simplify – Does that need any explanation
  • Be Customer Focused

This is who we are… does this describe you?

Job Openings

Posted November 11, 2021:

Full time – Virginia, United States

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