Our Security Awareness Education Program

To meet the growing demands of the marketplace, we have created a simple, engaging, and easy to use Security Awareness Education program.  We teach how to keep your computers and networks safe from the worst threat possible: uninformed, non-malicious humans.

The best firewalls in the world cannot protect your assets if your “human firewall” is weak. In fact, it is estimated up to 75%* of company breaches are attributed to human failures in upholding the security policies, standards, and procedures of their employer*.   For organizations that require compliance with specific government regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or other security frameworks like ISO 27001, formal security awareness training for every employee either once or twice a year is required.  Your entire organization, not just your data, is at risk of being compromised.

Why Security Awareness Training Programs Often Fail:

  • It’s boring!
  • It’s confusing!
  • It’s irrelevant!
  • It’s difficult to navigate!
  • It’s hard to track employee progress!
  • It’s too time-consuming!

This is why our goal is to make our Security Awareness Education simple, affordable and effective.

Why use B. W. MURRAY & CO. for Security Awareness Education?

Developed by seasoned information security professionals, our online course curriculum is applicable & current. Storytelling has proven to be the most effective way to learn; stories provide a framework for the student to successfully structure facts and recall information when it applies to real life situations.

Security Awareness Course Topics include:

  • What is Social Engineering? – a review of key terms and concepts (and how they are relevant to your everyday situation)
  • Phishing – learn to identify phishing emails and the precautions to take against infection
  • Malware – how it works, why it’s “mal”icious and how to protect yourself from it
  • Vishing – it’s not always computers that get us into trouble
  • Physical Awareness – knowing your environment and how to protect it from “nice” people

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