A company’s cybersecurity needs are as unique as the company themselves.

Our team focuses on building a unique program around your environment that capitalizes on existing resources and propels your ability to scale as an organization – then offering it in a static cost subscription. And to make pricing simplified, we offer three subscription program options which serve as the foundation for your customization, enabling us to scope your project in a matter of days instead of weeks (or, God forbid but quite commonly, months).

No hidden service costs. Clear project expectations. No outsourcing.

Three cybersecurity programs to choose from.

Bronze Subscription

Starting at
$2600 / month

  • Security risk assessment
  • Convey security goals & current state to executives
  • Establish security project roadmap
  • Customer security questionnaire responses
  • Expert insight on tools, tech, resources, etc.
  • Templates for security policies & other documentation
Looking to plant the seed that will become the roots of an IT Security Program? Ideal clients for this tier are petite, early-stage organizations looking to establish a baseline for their compliance posture and begin building a foundation of security practices that will be a part of their core business principles. Sample deliverables include a risk assessment, roadmap scoping & execution mapped to key business drivers, insight into and deployment of industry best practices, and completion of SAQs.

Silver Subscription

Starting at
$5200 / month

  • Everything in Bronze and …
  • Organize security program & build compliance framework
  • Security policies & controls creation
  • Suggest, update or implement program within your GRC solution
  • Document organizational security procedures
  • Suggest evidence gathering mechanisms for audits
  • Test control performance
  • Suggest risk mitigation tools
  • Maintain security alignment with business goals/expectations
This tier focuses on sprouting existing IT processes of early stage programs into an environment enabled to meet more complex business and regulatory requirements at scale. Ideal clients have established security integration into their business processes and have an external obligation of communicating privacy posture. Sample deliverables include: cloud security maturity roadmap, filling efficiency gaps in IT architecture & data flows, building policies/controls that tie into standards like Zero Trust or Secure Controls Framework, and advising on data privacy obligations.

Gold Subscription

Starting at
$7800 / month

  • Everything in BronzeSilver, and …
  • Manage security compliance program
  • Holistic documentation of procedures
  • Weekly tracking of control performance
  • Review & improve evidence for audits
  • Guide the implementation of security tools & service configuration
  • Architecture reviews
  • Manage audit readiness process
  • Own the audit lifecycle
  • Monitor roadmap progress

This tier is white glove, with more integrated collaboration between our team and the client’s IT and business stakeholders. Our focus is on establishing consistent, repeatable processes of risk review and remediation necessary for high growth cycles. In addition to the deliverables of the previous tiers, B. W. MURRAY & CO. take significant ownership of the compliance program, audit lifecycle, and overall governance initiatives and documentation.

Regardless of which program you choose- Bronze, Silver, or Gold- B. W. MURRAY & CO. enable organizations to grow into mature environments capable of scaling to meet short and long-term business objectives, capitalizing on market opportunities, exceeding customer expectations, and having a dynamic security foundation equipped to excel in evolving regulatory atmospheres.

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