Virtual CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Services

Expert Security Knowledge Within Your Organization

Most small to midsized (SMB) organizations need information security expertise and direction—but not enough to justify the high cost of a full-time expert. B. W. MURRAY & CO.’s Virtual Security Team, led by a vCISO and supported by a Program Manager, gives your business on-demand security expertise for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CISO.

B. W. MURRAY & CO. Virtual CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Services Give You a Security Leader and an Expert Team to Build and Execute Your Security Roadmap.

Virtual CISO Services delivered by a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) cover all the responsibilities as a conventional CISO—only on-demand and without the cost overhead of a full-time employee. These responsibilities center on building and maintaining the company’s security vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected.

Virtual CISO Services give an organization a wide range of options in terms of:

  • From 30,000 ft up to street level – vCISO Services ensure you get the strategic guidance you need to meet your security goals, along with deep subject matter expertise wherever and whenever you need it. Because your vCISO is supported by an experienced team, he or she can serve as an extension of your team to direct your information security program both strategically and tactically.
  • Specific focus to broad spectrum – Your vCISO and Virtual Security Team can handle the full spectrum of your company’s InfoSec needs; or center on one or several high-priority issues, projects or programs to deliver the greatest benefit in terms of risk reduction, regulatory compliance, ISO 27001 or other certification, etc.
  • Once per month to every day – A vCISO can support your organization on a frequent, near daily basis, or can integrate with current staff as appropriate to meet longer-term goals.

A Virtual Security Team (vST) is the group of subject matter experts and implementers available to support the vCISO at any time with development and maintenance of your information security management system (ISMS).

An Ocean of Responsibility

CIOs and CTOs are often left “out at sea,” fighting to stay afloat amid the storm of demands that rain down from key internal and external stakeholders in your business.

Managing diverse security demands while continuing to advance your organization’s information security solutions is a significant challenge.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to be confident in the direction of your information security program.

Virtual CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Options

Throw You a Lifeline

Many CIOs and CTOs want to remain the main contact on key stakeholders’ security requests. Managing the day-to-day demands of customers, regulators, employees and management is a key part of their position.

However, they often need help. With support from a dedicated vCISO and Program Manager, these CIOs and CTOs get on-demand access to high-level expertise they need to adequately manage the demands placed on them.

This approach guides you away from the storm, but keeps you moving at a measured pace toward your desired state.

A Boat to Keep You Afloat

Many CIOs and CTOs want to stay in the loop on security-related demands coming from key stakeholders, but don’t want to manage all the day-to-day requests and responses.

A dedicated vCISO, a Program Manager and direct access to a team of security experts help pull these CIOs and CTOs towards their destination.

In this model, your vCISO guide shares the torrent of responsibility, so you can relinquish some of your day-to-day activities. This allows a more rapid approach toward your desired state.

Smooth Security Sailing

Many CIOs and CTOs want to be completely shielded from the constant security-related demands of their key stakeholders.

With a dedicated vCISO, Program Manager and Virtual Security Team, these CIOs and CTOs gain a team of experts who essentially run their security organization. In this model, you are afforded all the necessary amenities to cruise toward your desired state in confidence!

How Our Virtual CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Services Work

  • Scope – Our Security team conducts a scoping exercise to understand critical information, processes that act on them, assets that support the processes (systems/personnel/vendors), and laws/regulations/contractual obligations. In addition, we discover other internal/external issues that impact risk and risk treatment decisions. The result is a clear understanding of current business and technology initiatives impacting risk.
  • Risk – We conduct rapid risk assessments to understand inherent risk.
  • Gap – We conduct rapid gap assessments to understand the maturity of key information security controls and to quantify residual risk.
  • Vision – We establish an overarching vision for information security and a strategic roadmap to achieve it.
  • Priorities – Based on the above, we recommend priorities/objectives for the first 90 days
  • Treatment – We develop risk and gap treatment plans that feed into a strategic roadmap.
  • Manage – We will meet with you regularly at an appropriate cadence (e.g., bi-weekly) to track progress against the plan, address any existing issues impacting the plan, discuss new issues, and tune the plan as necessary.
  • Improve – We will meet with you quarterly to assess our performance and establish our next 90-day plan.

Virtual CISO FAQs:

A virtual CISO is an outsourced information security practitioner who provides expertise and guidance, as well as strategic and operational leadership, to an organization on an ongoing basis, usually part-time and remotely. The virtual CISO performs many or all the functions of a full-time CISO on a fractional basis.

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (virtual CISO) can help an organization:

  1. Save considerable money over the salary and other costs of a full-time CISO
  2. Get the expertise and consistent guidance of a CISO even if they don’t need one full-time
  3. Create and execute a holistic information security strategy
  4. Identify, analyze and address information security risks
  5. Manage an in-house information security team
  6. Deal with regulations (e.g., state cybersecurity regulation) that mandate the designation of a qualified CISO
  7. Address critical project-based or point-in-time security concerns, such as those arising from a data breach, a merger/acquisition, new regulatory, or client demands, etc.

Here are the top reasons to consider hiring a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (virtual CISO):

  1. If you’re unable to afford or attract the security talent you need for a project or longer-term
  2. If you need specialized security expertise, leadership, or strategic vision
  3. If regulations mandate that you designate a virtual CISO
  4. When you recognize you need to systematically improve your information security posture