Manage Information Security Risk & Protect Your Organization

Organizations need to prove they are secure and compliant to key stakeholders: their customers, regulators, or their board. Simply put, we help provide that proof. Knowing they are secure and compliant, and being able to prove so, allows our clients to focus on their business.


We help manage information security & privacy risk to build stronger, more resilient people and organizations.

Why Choose Us

With the right combination of domain expertise, industry knowledge and experience, and organizational character, we help you define and execute on the best course of action and prove you’re secure and compliant.

Industry Knowledge & Experience

You won’t have to spend time explaining to us why conventional threat and risk acceptance criteria aren’t relevant, or describing the challenges (akin to herding cats) of coordinating the resources and consensus necessary to take a comprehensive approach.

Domain Expertise

We know the ins and outs of the key regulations you or your clients are subject to. This also means that we are experts in the Security Frameworks that should form the basis of your Information Security Management System.

Organizational Character

We have the competence to do the job well, in a transparent and straightforward manner that you’ll appreciate.

Are you a student? Want to intern with us?

At B. W. MURRAY & CO., we’re not necessarily looking for certifications and years of expertise. We are willing to train the right person. We’re looking for candidates who are highly intelligent, eager to learn, and cut from the finest moral fiber.

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Getting started in security can be challenging. Let us help ease the burden of data security and compliance with our services and solutions.