Cybersecurity Services

B. W. MURRAY & CO. collaborate with company executive teams and stakeholders (general counsel, Board of Directors, regulating authorities) to ensure that intellectual property, financial systems, and client data are secure, safe, and accessible.


Security expertise tailored to your organization.

Security Awareness Education

Turn people from your greatest threat to your greatest threat detection.

Assessments & Audits

Identify, understand, manage and mitigate information risk and control gaps.

Third Party Risk Management

Evaluate and manage your risks from third parties/vendors.


Three choices. Clear project expectations. No hidden service costs.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Prove compliance to key stakeholders with industry trusted frameworks like ISO 27001.

Application Security

Manage application-related risk and prove it to stakeholders.

Business IT Services

Your company deserves the expertise that will deliver solutions that provide your organization a competitive edge. Focusing on each individual client’s needs, our team is dedicated to providing you with reliable infrastructure and the technology that gives you the information critical to success.

Business IT Strategy Development

Strategy development can be a short-term exercise to overcome a specific challenge, or foundational to technology use within an organization. In today’s technology-driven world, it is vital for technology use to align with business objectives and goals.

Business Cloud Strategy Development

We take practical, hands-on experience, coupled with industry best practices, to help develop a cloud strategy that makes sense for your business. We are cloud platform agnostic and we work with you to select the best platform(s) for your business needs.

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

A “virtual” Chief Technology Officer can participate in management decisions in an effort to communicate and align an IT strategy to organizational goals, while keeping up to date on technology trends, standards, and compliance regulations.

Cloud Migration Planning & Execution

Our experienced team can assist in planning migrations, deployments, configurations, and training your new cloud solution. B. W. MURRAY & CO. can monitor and maintain your cloud solution, be it service based, infrastructure as a service, or data.

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