Cybersecurity Advisory & Consulting Services

We provide cybersecurity services and general security consulting to commercial and government organizations throughout the Commonwealth. Our team delivers cybersecurity services customized for Virginia businesses & localities (cities, counties) and their various governance bodies.
B. W. MURRAY & CO. offers a range of comprehensive consulting services that help businesses and localities in the Commonwealth assess and remediate their environments.

To support your cybersecurity related efforts, we also offer vulnerability scanning, penetration testing (network and application), incident response (workshops, retainers, and forensic analysis), training, forensic review, and data discovery.

We gain a strong understanding of your organization, its data flows, data repositories, network architecture, and systems used to support localities. This allows us to provide strategic and tactical advice in the event that an objective/control is not met.

Assessments & Audits

Identify, understand, manage and mitigate information risk and control gaps.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Prove compliance to key stakeholders with industry trusted frameworks such as NIST CSF, NIST SP 800-53, and NIST SP 800-171.

Penetration Testing & Phishing

Discover sensitive data, performs exploits, conducts man-in-the-middle attacks, crack password hashes, escalates privileges on the network, and impersonate users to find sensitive data.

Security Awareness Education

Turn people from your greatest threat to your greatest threat detection.

Third Party Risk Management

Evaluate and manage your risks from third parties/vendors.

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